Last Minute Costume Ideas

Last Minute Costume Ideas that Will Transform You into Your Favorite TV Character

Always wanted to be part of the Belcher family? Well now you can! Grab this apron to be the head of the household (Bob, duh) or Louise’s infamous bunny ears and a green dress and voila! You’re a Belcher.*

*Bonus points for bringing burgers and fries from your local burger joint to the party!

Halloween is only a few days away and you don’t have a costume yet?! In wise words of Stewie Griffin, “What the Deuce?!” Now that we have your attention, why not dress up as the smartest baby in Quahog (or the world…!!). Grab a yellow tee and some red overalls! Oh and you cannot forget his best bud Rupert, otherwise how will anyone know who you are?! Now that your costume is settled, go enjoy some Patriot’s Ale. You can thank us later.