The Simpsons Testify (Original Soundtrack) CD

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On the heels of two widely successful Simpsons television soundtrack CDs (Now out of Print) comes The Simpsons Testify, which contains the best songs from Seasons 10 through 18 of The Simpsons. Featuring the talents of award winning composer Alf Clausen, the unmistakable voices of Americans most beloved TV family.

Track Listing:
1. 'The Simpsons' Main Title Theme - The Alf Clausen Orchestra
2. Testify
3. The Very Reason That I Live
4. He's the Man - Shawn Colvin
5. Stretch Dude And Clobber Girl - Harry Shearer
6. "The Simpsons" End Credits Theme (performed by Los Lobos)
7. Ode To Branson - Rick Logan
8. Sold Separately - Harry Shearer
9. Island Of Sirens (Based On 'Copacabana') - Harry Shearer
10. They'll Never Stop the Simpsons
11. You're a Bunch of Stuff
12. What Do I Think Of the Pie? - Dan Castellaneta
13. Baby Stink Breath
14. Tastes Like Liberty - Mark Campbell
15. Jellyfish - Harry Shearer
16. Homer & Marge (featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic)
17. Everybody Hates Ned Flanders (Medley)
18. I Love to Walk
19. Marjorie (featuring Jackson Browne)
20. Medley: 'The President Wore Pearls' Medley: A Vote For a Winner/I Am Their Queen/Skinner's Evil Plan/A Tango Takes Two/Smart Girl Six Three/'The President Wore Pearls' End Credits Medley - Harry Shearer
21. Glove Slap (featuring the B-52s)
22. O Pruny Night (Based On 'O Holy Night') - Jim Gilstrap
23. America (I Love This Country)
24. America Rules - Dan Castellaneta
25. Welcome to Moe's
26. We Are the Jockeys - Harry Shearer
27. Song of Shelbyville
28. Medley: 'A Star Is Torn' Medley: I'm Talkin' Springfield/My Kitty Died/Always My Dad/A Privileged Boy - Harry Shearer
29. Who Wants A Haircut? (featuring Baha Men)
30. Medley: 'My Fair Laddy' Medley: Adequate/Not On My Clothes/Indoors All Night/Longing For the Shack/'My Fair Laddy' End Credits Medley - Harry Shearer
31. Springfield Blows - The Alf Clausen Orchestra And Singers
32. Medley: 'King Of Cats' Itchy & Scratchy Medley: Tune-Up/'King Of Cats' Opening/Two Days, Two Circles/Slices Of Life/It's Symbiotic/Knives Finale - Jim Gilstrap
33. Lady - Julie Kavner
34. You Make Me Laugh - Dan Castellaneta
35. Lady Riff - Ricky Gervais
36. Poppa, Can You Hear Me? - Nancy Cartwright
37. Medley: 'Yokel Chords' Medley: Oh, How Do We?/Motivate Them/Cultural Things Experience/Moonshine Drinkers - Harry Shearer
38. Hullaba Lula - Kelsey Grammer
39. Song Of the Wild Beasts - Harry Shearer
40. Dancing Workers' Song - Randy Crenshaw
41. Oldies And Nudies - The Alf Clausen Orchestra
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